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Attemptor of many trades (and master of just a handful), Al Shield is an Australian radio announcer, husband and father, blogger, backyard lifter, home brewer, red wine fan, Nissan Stagea owner and truly terrible guitar player. 

He’s also a writer, albeit not a hugely successful one with a cult following. 


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He’s back.. and the stupid adventures continue!

‘Every stupid adventure has to start somewhere…’ and for the radio announcer known as Almigo there have been plenty of strange places that have kicked off some very memorable and occasionally downright crazy moments.

After not managing to knock himself unconscious through the first book, join him in his latest installment as he attempts to badly judge a karaoke competition, keep out of trouble with a horde of lunatic and occasionally deranged neighbors, tries not to destroy a half a million dollar sports car, attempts to keep his sanity with his radio callers and battles the elements with just a fridge box and some garbage bags for company.

And why did he think adopting a stray kitten found at the back of the radio station was a good idea?

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